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California Hot Springs Resort - Location (Driving Instruction Below)

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The California Hot Springs Resort is located in the central-southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.  Just after entering The Sequoia National Monument on Mountain Road 56 the traveler will happen upon the historic site of the resort.


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With elevations from 3,100 to 3,700 feet, California Hot Springs is mostly above the fog line and  below the snow line. On occasion the visitor can expect to experience Valley Floor (fog) or High Sierra (snow) weather, although it usually does not last. Our winters are generally mild and our summers are sunny and beautiful. The privately owned resort and R.V. Park are abutted on three sides by the Giant Sequoia National Monument.  For those who like to hike, nature trails are available to the east in the national monument.

Driving Instructions

Traveling South On Interstate 5 from Northern California - Travel south on Interstate 5 past Harris Ranch, south past Highway 41 (Kettleman City), and exit Utica Rd. Travel east on  Utica 19 miles to 6th Ave. Travel south (right turn) on 6th  approximately 2 miles to Virginia. Travel east (left turn) on Virginia approximately 3 miles to 4th Ave.  Travel south (right turn) on 4th approximately 500 meters and follow curve to the east (left). The traveler is now on Road 56 which progresses all the way to California Hot Springs. Total distance - Interstate 5 to California Hot Springs is approximate 79 miles. 

Traveling North On Interstate 5 from Southern California - Travel north on Interstate 5 taking the Route 99 split to Bakersfield. Progress through Bakersfield remaining on Route 99 (approximately 45 miles) to  the "Earlimart - Ducor" exit (Mountain Road 56).  Travel east on Mountain Road 56 for 13 miles through Ducor and 28 miles on to California Hot Springs.

Traveling From Visalia, Porterville or Bakersfield (alt. route) - Travel on Route 65 to Ducor stop light. From Ducor travel east to California Hot Springs on Mtn. Road 56.

Traveler Beware! - There are NO automobile services (gas) or general supplies in the California Hot Springs area. Travelers should gas up and stock up before coming to California Hot Springs. Cell phones often do NOT function in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.